G-Tel Engineering Receives Industry Award for 1.5 Million Hours Without Lost Time Injury

G-Tel Engineering (G-Tel) is proud to receive the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) Award for 1.5 million hours worked with no lost time injuries.


“The safety of both our staff and the community is always top of mind and our number one priority,” said Sean McCaughan, Chief Operating Officer of Energy and Infrastructure Services.  “Receiving this award is a symbol of the continuous work and dedication that staff have shown each day for more than seven years and I feel incredible pride at their dedication and accomplishment.”


“The G-Tel team makes health and safety a focus by constantly monitoring and reviewing workplace hazards and continually improving best practice policies and procedures,” said Tom Blake, General Manager at G-Tel.  “Receiving this award means so much to each employee as recognition of their daily dedication to safety.”



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