Products & Services

  • G-TEL Clients Include: Gas distributors and utilites, underground plant operators, municipalities, institutional, and industrial accounts, as well as private homeowners
  • ON1CALL and Private Locates: G-TEL crews complete more than 300,000 gas, electric, fiber, CATV, water, sewer, and municipal street light infrastructure locates per year
  • Gas Leak Surveys: G-TEL employs flame ionization and infrared detection with GPS integration for GIS mapping of gas leaks; and Odorant Testing to verify mercaptan levels
  • Infrastructure Integrity Assessments: G-TEL conducts a broad range of plant asset stateof- repair assessments and reporting, including electromagnetic Depth of Cover Inspections; Tracer Wire Fault Location for pipeline and di electric fiber plant; Cross Bore Sewer Safety Inspections to verify PDC/sewer integrity; and Manhole Inspections
  • Root Cause & Safety Investigations: Utilities and regulators rely on G-TEL in the event of gas-line failures, resulting in leaks to atmosphere and aquifers, fires, and explosive events
Photo of G-Tel engineer performing underground locate for natural gas lines.

Be Able to Plan, Not Merely React

Contingent costs of infrastructure failures are a risk that puts constant pressure on capital reserves. G-TEL can provide a clear picture of your physical assets’ state-of-repair, giving you time to plan alongside knowledgeable experts.

Industry’s Safest Operators

Our award winning “Stayin' Alive Safety Program” is implemented within all of our companies OEC is committed to achieving the very highest standard of public and workplace safety.

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